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Where your gift goes


Where your gift goes


All the money you raise through competing in the Brain Fitness Challenge will support brain research at the Florey through two avenues:

Major brain or mind disorders affect millions of Australians every year. You may suffer from one yourself, or care for someone who does. Brain disorders cause more disability than all other diseases combined, and pose the greatest health, economic and social burden to Australia.


But neuroscience is today on the cusp of major breakthroughs. Effective interventions to reduce or stop neurodegeneration, restore function or even prevent disease from occurring, are now being developed in such widely diverse areas as stroke, Parkinson's disease, dementia and multiple sclerosis.


Radical new therapies and preventative strategies are becoming available for those suffering psychiatric disorders and addiction.


Powerful technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging of the living brain in action are improving the quality of personalised clinical care for patients suffering from many different conditions including epilepsy or stroke.


Through their absolute commitment to excellence, our scientists devote their lives to making a positive difference for all people affected by brain disorders and diseases. Your help now on the journey to discovery will make all the difference – and may help YOU one day! 

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